Fatemeh Fereidooni
Fatemeh has worked in the Iranian tourism industry for more than 20 years and possesses experience and expertise in all aspects of the industry including as a tour guide, operator, translator and as a designer of MICE, eco-tourism, pilgrimages and other special interest tours.
She learned French language in Paris and she is known as a well-known tour guide of Paris. She has also worked as translator, facilitator, coordinator and assistant for French NGOs in Afghanistan for more than 3 years and is the sole travel expert regarding Afghanistan in Iran.
Fatemeh’s particular expertise is in designing and operating specialist anthropological and sociological tours – including agricultural, culinary and handicraft tours, and in providing and managing tours for senior citizens and people with special needs and disabilities.

People and their ordinary lives are at the core of Fatemeh’s attention and form the main theme of her tours.

Engineer Hamid Feizi:
Mr. Hamid Feizi, Eng., is an agricultural expert with 25 years of work experience in private and public sectors of Iran including Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, Iranian Pistachio Association, and in companies active in production, processing and export of agricultural products. Eng. Hamid Feizi during work activity mainly focus on garden products particularly pistachio, pomegranate and other garden products. During duration of his work while following up matters related to planting, cultivation and harvesting of agricultural products has served as the Head or a member of pollutants codex , toxics remainders and plant pesticides committees of Iran and he regularly and consistently participated in international conferences. He also has 5 years of work experience in FAO projects in Iran. One of other expertise fields of the above-named is Quality Management Systems in producing agricultural products (GAP) and in agricultural packaging and processing units (HACCP) and (ISO22000).
You may find resume of Engineer Hamid Feizi in the following link.

Ms. Maryam Sangari:
Ms. Maryam Sangari is an agricultural expert with more than 15 years of relevant work experience at the Iranian Ministry of (Agriculture) Jihad. Her main focus during her activity is on products such as pistachio, almond, walnut, hazelnut and apple. At present, she is serving as organizer and consultant of agricultural tours.