More than 25% of Iranian people are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. The 33pol Travel Agency offers a range of tours and exhibition visits which enable our guests – including importers, producers, manufacturers and professional and amateur chefs to explore particular aspects of Iranian agriculture and its influence on daily life and culture, including the production and utilization of: pistachios, saffron, barberries, nuts, dates, pomegranates, wheat and oil seeds.
Some of our most popular agricultural tours include:

  1. Saffron & barberry Tours (November)
  2. Pistachio Tour (Late August and early September)
  3. Pomegranate Tour (November)
  4. Rose Water Tour (April and May)
  5. Wheat Tour (April)
  6. Date Tour (August and September)
  7. Hazelnut Tour (August)
  8. Cornelian cherry (August)
  9. Sugar Cane Tour (May)
  10. Asafetida Tour (May)

Exhibitions related to agriculture:

  1. Iran Traditional Irrigation System Tour.
    Related exhibitions include:
  2. Agricultural, Food & Related Industries Trade Fair
  3. Iran International Water & Wastewater Exhibition
  4. International Exhibition of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Related Industry
  5. International Exhibition of Halal protein products and related industries
  6. International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition
  7. International Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock and Related Industries
  8. International Exhibition on Nuts, Dried Fruits & Related Industries
  9. International Exhibition of Environment
  10. International Exhibition of Renewable Energy Exhibition
  11. International exhibition of agricultural machinery, inputs and irrigation modern systems

We can advise dates of these and other exhibitions and events on request.
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